Looking for Roller Garage Door Installers in Grantchester? Direct Door Solutions with over 30 years of experience are your local experts for the supply, installation, repair and maintenance of your garage doors across Grantchester, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

Roller Garage Door Installers in Grantchester

Your Local Roller Garage Door Installers

We are your local experts in Grantchester for installing roller garage doors. We also cover Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire. Our experience and knowledge gained over 30 years is always applied through a detailed survey and consultation to help you pick just the right door for your property.

Having chosen your roller garagea door, our team take great pride in the quality of our installations, making any required modifications and ensuring every part of the door system is fully tested before it is handed over to the customer with a demonstration.

Before we install

We will inspect your garage door opening to make sure its square and suitable for the installation. This is essential to ensure the optimum operation and appearance of your door and should mean many years of trouble free performance. If there is anything we feel might adversGrantchester affect the installation, we will discuss this with you beforehand and suggest suitable remedies.

Removing an old frame

If we are removing your old garage door and frame, we cannot guarantee that the brickwork will not be disturbed no matter how carefully we operate. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused, e.g. loose masonry or damaged plaster.

Other installation requirements

When installing your roller garage door, we will most likGrantchester have to place fixings in the ceiling or walls of the garage. It can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable location for the solid fixings required and we may have to make several holes to find the perfect spot.
You must have a 13 amp socket in your garage in order for us to supply the power for the electric opener. It is recommended that you have a suitably qualified electrician to wire the socket at the opener head location. We will advise you of the best spot.

Roller Garage Door Installers in Grantchester

With over 30 years experience, our expert installers will ensure that your roller garage door is instlaled to the highest possible standard.

roller garage door installation information

On the day of installation

We recommend that you have your roller garage door installed once any flooring or plastering is completed. Plaster in the workings of the door can cause damage and would invalidate your warranty.

If the floor has not been installed, we must be advised exactly where the floor level will be so that we can ensure the door is installed at the correct height and we can configure the limits on the opener. If we need to return after installation to adjust anything, an additional charge will be made.
We will need full access when we come to install your roller garage door so please make sure that cars and other objects are moved from the front of the garage

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